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Alaska ~ 11 Years ~ Bichon Frise

Meet Alaska! This pretty little senior girl came to us after her beloved human passed away. It is clear that she has known love and companionship throughout her life with someone she was very bonded to. Because of this, we feel she would be happiest as a solo dog in her forever home. While Alaska does enjoy the company of other dogs who are visiting, we think if she had the choice, her preference would be to be the Queen of her castle so she doesn't have to share attention on an everyday basis. 

Alaska loves her walks and is exceptional on leash. She has excellent manners in the home and is fully housetrained. As a hypoallergenic breed, it is important that Alaska be groomed regularly to keep her curly coat clean, fresh and free of mats.  She is learning to use a crate in her foster home, however she is most content currently to sleep in a dog bed near her humans, or on the couch where she will enjoy a warm cuddle.

Alaska's ideal home may be with a single retiree or active senior. She bonds quickly and will shadow her person as she is currently experiencing a little separation anxiety which is understandable given her recent loss. A home where she will not be left alone for extended periods of time would be preferred.

Alaska is a calm, quiet girl which would make her suitable for an apartment or condo, as long as she was walked regularly throughout the day. She is a healthy, well-balanced girl who has been well cared for throughout her life. She will make a wonderful companion and best friend to her future adopter.


Successful applicants are chosen by best fit, and not first come first served. Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those we feel would be a potential match will be contacted further.

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