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Abby (8 years) & Brie (4 years)
Female Chihuahuas

Meet This Adorable Twosome!  Abby and Brie are a bonded pair who came to us from a backyard breeding situation. It is possible they are mother and daughter, or even siblings from different litters.  Because they have lived somewhat sheltered lives, their ideal home would be one where they could stay together. We feel a quieter, lower activity home would make the best fit. 


Abby is the older of the two girls. She is dog friendly, especially with Brie, but is still a little shy and reserved with new people until she feels safe. She appreciates the sanctuary of her crate and quickly mastered housetraining in her foster home. While she feels safe in her crate, she is not a dog who is mischievous and she shows no signs of separation anxiety or destructive behaviour, so her crate can be left open for her to use as she chooses. Her leash skills are improving each day and she loves her walks, and exploring the world around her.

Brie is the more confident and outgoing one. She enjoys the company of dogs and humans, and gets along well with visiting children in her foster home. Her housetraining is coming along nicely, and she also uses her crate for naps and at bedtime, snuggled up to Abby. She also shows no sighs or separation anxiety of destructive behaviour, and so her crate is really just her safe space to use as needed. She is beginning to enjoy her leash walks and this skill is also improving each day. Because Brie is the more confident of the two dogs, she is quick to warm up and show affection when meeting new people.


Both girls arrived undersocialized due to their history as breeding dogs, but have made great strides in learning to feel safe in different spaces and situations. Both had dental work done, and their vetting is current and up-to-date.

Successful applicants are chosen on a best-fit basis. Please note that ONLY applications completed through our web site at can be considered and due to the high volume of applications we receive, only those we feel would be a potential match will be contacted further.

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